Game reviews: Call of Juarez (PC)

This may contain small spoilers about the gameplay (but not the story).

+ While the story perhaps starts a bit slowly, it improves and the game succeeds in keeping the story strong and interesting throughout. Playing the game through really gives a sense of having watched an above-average spaghetti western, so the game succeeds in this quite well.

+ While the graphics might not be the best ones seen in gaming history, they are still pretty decent. At moments they create really good ambient.

+ The game boasts having humongous freely-explorable landscapes, and this is certainly true (although there are only a few places which can be freely explored). While the graphics do not look exactly as good as the ones in Oblivion, this game succeeds in having really large landscapes with less system requirements. This game also somehow succeeds avoiding the loading pauses that Oblivion suffers from, when exploring the landscapes. Lanscape details are also visible from very far away.

+ Also this game implements the popular "bullet-time aiming" feature, and it works surprisingly well. Especially the bow becomes a superb weapon thanks to this feature.

+ Following two simultaneous stories (by having to alternatively play two different characters) works quite well both storywise and gameplay-wise. The change in pace and playing style is actually refreshing.

- The game may feel a bit daunting at first, as it becomes quite difficult rather early in the game.

- While there were a few places where free exploration of huge landscapes was possible, most of the game was still very linear, with almost no exploration element to it at all. This made the game inevitably short.

- My absolutely favorite weapon of the game, the bow, could be used only for a very short period of time at the end of the game. I would have liked to use it a lot more, but the game basically restricted its use to two levels (one of which was just a tutorial-style level). This was a disappointment.