Game reviews: Ridge Racer 2 (PSP)

When I bought my PlayStation Portable, I got the game Ridge Racer with it. It's a rather ok arcade racing game. It doesn't simulate collisions almost at all and damage at all, but otherwise it's a rather enjoyable game.

So when I saw Ridge Racer 2 I thought it could be cool too, so I bought it. When I played it I was like: WTF? It's the same freaking game!

I always laugh when people comment that eg. EA publishes each year the same sport games with simply the year number changed. However, in this case I'm completely serious: It's the exact same game! It has a couple of new tracks and a couple of (completely irrelevant) modes of play, but otherwise it's identical to the first game. It has the exact same tracks, it has the exact same cars, it has the exact same play modes, it has the exact same game engine, it has the exact same graphics and models, it even has the exact same voice samples! Even the special prices you get from completing world tour races are the same (plus a couple of additional videos).

I'm not kidding nor exaggerating here. Besides a few new tracks there's absolutely nothing different in this game compared to the first version. They didn't even bother changing the voice samples. It's a complete ripoff.

I honestly pity anyone who bought Ridge Racer 2 first, then though "hmm, this is a cool game, maybe I should buy the first one too" and went and bought it. If you have played Ridge Racer 2, you have played everything there is in the first Ridge Racer. Ridge Racer is completely identical to Ridge Racer 2, minus a few tracks.

I can't believe they got away with this.