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Webcomics without textual transcripts

The internet is filled with webcomics. Some of them are excellent, interesting, insightful, funny and addictive. Some of them are boring, unimaginative, badly drawn and rubbish. However, there's one common mistake in the vast majority of them: They lack a transcript of textual contents of the comic strip. Some webcomics do have them (such as for example User Friendly) but most of them don't.

The vast majority of webcomic creators completely disregard the importance of textual transcripts.

Why are they so important? While it might be relevant to some people, the main reason is not to help people with partial visual impairment to be able to read the webcomic (by either enlarging the font or using a text-to-speech software). It also isn't a question of people not being able to read the font used in the webcomic (although in some cases the choice of font really is braindead) or the font being way too small.

No, the main reason is that a transcript of the textual contents of the comic strips helps searching for a specific strip (for example using google).

Nothing is more irritating than having followed a webcomic for almost a decade, then in some online discussion remembering a superb strip of that webcomic which you could add to your post, a comic strip which you probably read sometime in 2002 or something, and then not being able to search for it. If the webcomic updates often and has been being produced for many years, without textual transcripts it may take literally hours to find what you are looking for, especially if you remember completely incorrectly when that specific strip was published.

Please, webcomic authors: Including a transcript is not such a big job. Please do it. It makes our lives easier when we can search for a specific strip based on its textual contents.

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