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Bad computer technology synonyms

Sometimes it's irritating when some term or name related to computers becomes a wrong synonym for something else.

For instance, since when has "cut&paste" become synonym for copying text? The act of cut&pasting text is radically different from copying the text (for obvious reasons), yet most people use "cut&paste" as a synonym for copying (and not for moving text, which cut&paste really means).

For example, in a forum someone commented how he "cut&pasted text" from acroread to another program. I sarcastically replied "no, you didn't". He actually didn't get it at first. I had to point it out to him explicitly.

Since when has "photoshop" become a synonym for "image manipulation program" and "photoshopping" a synonym for "image manipulation"? Photoshop is one image manipulation program. It's in no way a generic term for image manipulation. Note that Adobe Systems Inc itself discourages the use of the word "photoshop" as a verb because of trademark issues.

Since when has "linux" become a synonym for "unix"? I have seen more than once people writing "a linux program" to describe a generic unix program. In one specific case, for example, the homepage of the program in question specifically stated that the program had been developed in a Sparc/Solaris system (and not in Linux), yet this program was elsewhere referred to as a "linux program". Saying that the program is "a linux program" is like saying that "Firefox is a MacOS X program".

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