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Offended whiners

Do you know what really, really grinds my gears these days? The direction the modern western culture, especially the European culture is going with regards to people getting offended by everything.

"Mommy, mommy, Chris called me fat" is something you might hear from a 4-year old in the playground. Well, you know what? That kind of infantile whining is something which we are hearing more and more from people who should be adults.

People get offended by the most ridiculous things. People get offended on behalf of other people. Even people who don't even belong to any minority have jumped on the bandwagon and started getting offended by everything. For example, recently an Irish person got offended by an Irish joke, sued and got thousands of pounds after a lengthy set of trials.

These people are idiots and morons. Grow up, will you? The police has better things to do than listening to your infantile whining, you moron, like catching real criminals, like murderers and rapists. You are not a toddler anymore, so just shut up.

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