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Simpler proof that psychic powers are bogus

A large portion of the human population is convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that supernatural psychic powers of the human mind are real. These include things like dowsing, telepathy, mind reading and divination in its various forms.

Invariably, when these alleged phenomena are studied with the proper scientific method, they somehow stop working. One could cynically call them "quantum powers": They only work when nobody is actually measuring them.

The proponents of psychic powers will resort to all kinds of conspiracy theories about how the scientific community is prejudiced and stubborn, and simply refuse to acknowledge anything that goes beyond established theories.

I have written several times why this is a physical impossibility. However, there's a much easier way of proving that such psychic powers are completely bogus: Money.

The main goal of corporations is to make money. They don't care about what might or might not be the "currently accepted scientific facts". If something can help them make more money, they will use it. It would be silly to think that a private corporation would refuse to use a cornucopia of easy income just because it's "not accepted by science".

If psychic powers were real, they could most certainly be used to make money (other than just by scamming people). They could be used to find valuable ores, to predict the stock market, and so on and so forth. Corporations would quite certainly be interested in such things if they worked.

Are they being used by companies for profit? No, because they just don't work. They are just parlor tricks to fool people, but which actually don't work in practice. Do you really need an more proof than this?

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