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TRS connectors

TRS connectors are probably by far the most common audio plug type for consumer electronics in the market. They look like this:

TRS plugs

This plug is probably the worst invention ever made in consumer electronics. The problem wouldn't be so bad if the plug wasn't so widespread. It's used in almost every single piece of consumer electronics that supports sound. (The second most common plug type is probably the RCA connector, but it's far behind in popularity, probably because it requires two relatively bulky connectors for stereo sound.)

Why does this connector type suck? Because the socket (the "female" part) breaks extremely easily. I probably don't have a single piece of audio electronics which doesn't have this problem. So far I have had problems with all these:

The TRS connector is definitely one of the worst inventions in existence. There exist far better connector types out there, including ones which do not take any more physical space (so that they could be used in small devices). But no.

I wonder if this is a deliberate case of planned obsolescence.

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