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Why is Uwe Boll still in business?

Uwe Boll is very notorious for making video game adaptations to film which are complete flops which are universally panned by critics, gamers and viewers in general. They are commercially complete failures and a significant amount of the movies are consistently at IMDB's bottom 100 films.

Ok, that's fine. However, what completely puzzles me is why the heck is Uwe Boll still in business? His record of commercial and critical failures in video game adaptations is abysmal, yet he is still doing it. He is constantly directing new films, and is planning to do so in the future (at the time of this writing he's planning to do another BloodRayne sequel).

So knowing his disastrous record, why do game companies keep selling him the rights for movie adaptations of their games?

A director cannot just take a game and make a movie adaptation of it at a whim. That would be copyright infringement. The owners of the game copyright (usually the game studio and/or distributor) have to give express permission for the adaptation to be made (sometimes the permission is sold to the production company or director wanting to make the film, sometimes it's the game studio or distributor who produces the film directly).

So why do these game studios keep giving Uwe Boll permission to make movie adaptations they know will flop for sure? They know the movies will be disastrous, they know that both gamers and critics will hate the movies, but they keep selling him the rights. Why?

At least some game studios have openly refused to have any dealings with Boll. For example Activision Blizzard outright refused to sell him the rights to make a movie adaptation of the Warcraft franchise. Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, publicly denied any connection to Uwe Boll with regards to a rumor about a film adaptation (he literally wrote "Absolutely not!")

At least some game studios have the balls to stand against Uwe Boll rather than go for the quick buck that he might be offering. Why don't all game studios do the same?

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