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BY THE WAY, the newest version of the Joe level editor can be downloaded as a separate program from here.

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User submitted levels page. (Last update 19 Nov 2001)

If you have a level you want to submit to this page, please send it to me by mail (to and I'll put it on the page. Mention in the subject or the body of the mail that it's a submission to the user level page.

I will not judge the levels nor make any sort-by-quality ordering, I'll just add any levels people want to submit (of course I will discard any level that has some obscenity or other impolite text in it). I will just add them in order of submission so people can check if there's any new level.

If you have sent me a level before and want me to put it on the page, just send it to me again (it's too hard to keep track of user levels sent me before).

NOTE: Please send the levels zipped to avoid text attachment transfer problems.

Stuck in level 7 or 9? Try the walkthrough instructions.

Joe is my little big project. Really little (90k), really big (months of hard (not! ;-) ) working).

Yeah, sure, sure. But what's this "joe" thing anyway?

It's a very simple game. Actually Joe is the name of the hero.

Is Joe like the green balls in the logo?

You got it.

And what does this game look like?

Here's a (reduced) snapshot of the first level of the game:

Level1 snapshot.

Uh, it looks like a labyrinth or something to me...

Yes, something like that. It has several levels. Almost every level has something new.

And where can I get this thingie?

Over here: Download Joe v. 2.12l for DOS (works also under Win95).
(Updated 6.9.1998: See 'whatsnew.txt' to see new features.)

Hey dude, what does this version stuff mean?

Well, the letter at the end of the version specification describes the number of levels of the game. Say, the version 'a' had 5 levels, now the version 'b' has 6 levels. If it changes, it means I have done more levels.
The last number stands for bug fixes etc. Ie if it changes, nothing have been added to the game, only things have been fixed.
The second number indicates little coding work. For example, imagine I add a teleport engine to the game in the next level; this number will increase then.
The first number is the main version number. So it will change only if I make a completely new version of the whole game.

NOTE: If you are playing under win95, do NOT close the DOS-window after terminating the game (ie. pressing ESC) because the game gives a level code which you should write down.

Joe FAQ.

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