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POV-Ray pictures

640x480 (47k)
One of the first images I have made. The ability to model glass with a raytracer has fascinated me from the very beginning, so I tried to see what could I get. It was extremely slow to calculate with a 486 66MHz.
Juice 2
800x600 (78k)
The same idea, but done years later.
640x480 (89k)
I made this bible image for a web site. It uses radiosity to lighten up the image. This is also one of the first serious images I have made with POV-Ray.
640x480 (83k, 56k)
I participated in the Internet Raytracing Competition with the first image. The topic was 'time'. I later tried to make a better version of the same image.
800x600 (73k)
Another IRTC image; the topic was "school". The image has just one light source (the Sun outside) and tries to use Radiosity to light the interior of the room.
School food
640x480 (46k)
An IRTC image for the same topic. This image has been exceptionally made with Moray (I usually make all my images with POV-Ray directly).
Car model
320x240 (25k)
I modelled a car with POV-Ray. The layout of the image is artificial and intentionally made to look like it was a modeller. The model is made entirely with POV-Ray, no modellers were used.
Car in exhibition
800x600 (79k)
Another image of the same car, a bit like it was in a car exhibition.
Spacedog enters room
800x600 (32k)
Spacedog, the famous hero, ready to fight crime.
Yes, the image is very dark, but more images of the same model are below. The model is made entirely with POV-Ray, no modellers were used.
Spacedog and his car
800x600 (56k)
I added a weapon to the Spacedog model and gave it more freedom to move its arms. I should work on that weapon...
Spacedog vs. Sorcerer
800x600 (72k)
Which is stronger, technology or magic?
I participated in the IRTC with this image; the topic was "magic". I modelled the sorcerer in Moray.
Spacedog mpeg
320x240 (mpeg, 230k)
A little animation of the camera flying around the Spacedog model.
Radiosity test 1
(Subpage with several images)
I tested how good could I make the radiosity in POV-Ray 3.1 to look. Here are some results.
Radiosity test 2
(Subpage with several images)
Another POV-Ray 3.1 radiosity test with more complex models and different recursion settings.
Feature tests
Three images of POV-Ray 3.0 and 3.1 features.
Sinister Spacedog
800x600 (26k)
I discovered that fading light gives a lot of depth to the image, and makes it look slightly sinister. The image also shows a bug in POV-Ray 3.0 (which happens when you average several normal statements; it can be seen on the wall). This bug has been fixed in newer versions.
Spacedog patrolling
800x600 (42k)
Another IRTC image; topic "night". Now I have added more movement freedom to the model; several angles in arms and legs can be speficied.
800x600 (26k)
A starship model made entirely with POV-Ray; no modellers were used. The scene uses Chris Colefax's Galaxy include file.
640x480 (56k)
The same starship model. I achieved the motion blur by using my targa averager program to average several frames of an animation.
ODDS logos
480x480 (23-47k)
Some logos I made for a friend. The object in the logos is modelled with Moray.
There's a cow in my bathtub!
800x600 (78k)
Another IRTC image; topic 'water'. I don't know where did I get this silly idea, but it got many points for originality. The cow model is not mine, but downloaded from the internet.
800x600 (89k)
A cat image made using the PCM Hair macro by Chris Colefax. The cat model is not mine, but downloaded from the internet; I tried to see how well could I add fur to it with the macro.
Spacedog, the action hero
640x480 (81k)
I modelled a new head for the model with spatch. The background explosion is from the lensflare include by Chris Colefax.
Reflective sphere on checkered plane
640x480 (50k)
My version of the classical sphere on checkered floor image, using many of the MegaPov advanced features.
Glass torus
1024x768 (52k)
A glass torus test made with blobs.
640x480 (58k)
A logo image made for a school project. It uses Chris Colefax's spline include for the wires.
Chess set
800x600 (61k)
A chess set made with POV-Ray 3.5 pre-beta. No modellers used.
Chess set
800x400 (46k)
Another view of the same chess set.
800x600 (42k)
A landscape test.
Lightflow emulation test
400x400 (29k), 512x512 (29k)
These two images look like two Lightflow example images, but are actually rendered with MegaPov. I was just curious to see if I could get similar images as those two Lightflow examples.
Glow test
640x480 (35k)
Just a simple test I was doing when I noticed that this looks quite good. Uses just POV-Ray 3.1 code, ie. no fancy new features. Render time was 2 min 51 sec.
A couple of tests
512x384 (25k) and 640x427 (46k)
Just a couple of simple tests to seek for interesting materials.
800x600 (134k)
I have lately started playing go, which is an extremely interesting game. Naturally I rendered a typical goban (go-board) and stones. This is the final position of an actual game I have played. (I played black and won by 0.5 moku.)
Kani-6, Takapotku
800x600 (100k), 640x480 (34k)
A partial goban render I made for (the background of) the brochure of a local Go tournament (Kani-6), and a similar partial goban render I made for another Go tournament (Takapotku).
Oops, I dropped it on the floor!
800x800 (136k)
I placed second in the POV-Ray fractal competition with this image.
The pond
1152x768 (183k)
After a long time not poving almost at all, I got an inspiration.
800x600 (42k)
This is actually an old scene (made a bit after the chess images) which I had buried among tons of other little tests. I was rendering my old scenes and liked this one.
Rubik's revenge
800x600 (74k) and 800x600 (90k)
I bought one of these, so I had to model it with POV-Ray.
Wood screws
800x600 (95k)
Some wood screws I made using my own 4 tips.
Glass chess set
1024x768 (159k)
The texturing and lighting design in this image are not really my own, but copied from another great image, but since it took so long to render, I decided to put this here anyways. (The chess set is of my own design, after all.)
800x400 (62k), 800x600 (45k), 1024x554 (65k), 800x600 (50k)
Some abstract images.
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